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April 1, 2011

Lent and Sports…Lenten Sports?

Almost halfway through Lent now, and many of us have “got used to” what we were supposed to give up for this 40 day fast.  I know speaking to parishioners and children of the parish, I’ve heard the usual suspects – chocolate, soda, sweets, dessert, going out to eat.  (more…)


November 3, 2008

Celtic Pride

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Yes, the Boston Celtics are the current World Champions.  I love the team, love the players, the fact that their white jerseys might be the coolest looking uniforms in the world.  (No?  well it beats this)  But you know it might be a disappointing season when the local paper writes this.  You dont have to read it- basically this year’s C’s are so old that they will lose back-to-back games to junk teams like the Indiana Pacers.  Oh well.  At least their biggest loss didn’t occur within the first 2 minutes of the season.   Don’t think I’m not tempted to write something on a blog every day concerning sports news.  Let’s just say it takes temperance not to.

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