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April 1, 2011

Lent and Sports…Lenten Sports?

Almost halfway through Lent now, and many of us have “got used to” what we were supposed to give up for this 40 day fast.  I know speaking to parishioners and children of the parish, I’ve heard the usual suspects – chocolate, soda, sweets, dessert, going out to eat.  I’ve heard more unique things – casino, betting, cursing, yelling at the TV

 Me?  I gave up chips of all kind, which was simply horrible for the first few days.  My fiancé gave up meat entirely for Lent, but between her and I, I’m not quite sure who is having a tougher time with it.  She is learning to like fish, I’m trying to find substitutes.  She has not lost or gained any weight, which is good because she has none to lose.  Me?  Seven pounds and counting.  Looks like I will actually reach my goal for my wedding weight.

 Think this post can’t get much more self-centered?  Well, it is.  In my “about Fr. Jason” I write about how I will write about things that appeal to me, be they religion, sports, media, etc.  And on my mind today?  Besides Stations of the Cross at Noon and Seven tonight?  That beautiful block of time in between the two when Jacoby Ellsbury sees the first pitch of the season for the Boston Red Sox.

 Although yesterday was the “official” opening day of baseball season, today is the real one, because the Red Sox are playing.  I have to take my New England upbringing seriously.  Which is why this weekend is so nice. Besides having the spiritual needs taken care of; the aforementioned Stations, serving our monthly One Hot Meal to the needy on Saturday, 4th Sunday of Lent on Sunday and our Ladies Society meeting afterward – the weekend is full of wonderful New England Sports.  

 The UConn Huskies are in the Final Four!  I remember sitting in my parents bedroom as a little kid (because that was the room with the best antenna reception) watching the team with Doron Sheffer, Travis Knight, Donyell and Donny Marshall play through their schedule as the Getty Station gave out Big East (surely full of lead paint!) glasses with every fill up.  Life was good then, life is better now. 

 So between UConn, the Red Sox, and the Celtics continuing towards championship #18…the sports part of my life is spoken for.


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