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October 18, 2010

After Synod

The Synod is now but ancient history and things are now settling into place.  My boss is now everyone’s boss (Check out this recent live interview)  in the PNCC.  I am awaiting the February arrival of my new boss (I hear he is coming to scope the rectory – to clean my office…or to not clean my office). 

We had a reception for the newly-elected Prime Bishop after our 9am Mass on Sunday, October 10.  What was funny was instead of half the crowd in church going out the side doors to avoid greeting the clergy at the end of Mass and ensuring themselves top donut selection, seemingly everyone made sure to extend their congratulations and best wishes.  Instead of the process of leaving church taking 3 or 4 minutes, it was 10.  It was very nice though, as tears of joy were shed by a few while Bishop Mikovsky thanked them for their kindness.  Then, as they got to me…everyone said “Hey what are you still doing here?!”

I kid, I kid.  It is a nice time, a time of transition and preparation.  November 21st, 3pm is circled on the calendar.  My parish in Westfield, MA took a bus to the last installation of a Prime Bishop, as it was one of their former pastors.  I remember getting great seats in a Cathedral that would, five years later, be the parish I would serve as a priest.  I remember internally fretting over a sizable paper that I had to write that weekend and realizing that the weekend would be over by the time I got home. 

Now, the whole church looks forward to this day, as do I.  I was but 20 years old the last time this happened, and (hate to say it) probably didn’t care too much.  I went to say I was there.  Eight years older and even more years more mature, I will be watching this one like a hawk.  To see the liturgy and the dynamic of one leaving a high post while another is being elevated to it.  I silently wonder how the parish will receive Bishop Mack, as he prepares to become Pastor here in a few short months.  I wonder how Bishop-Elect Sobiechowski will be received, as he awaits his day of Consecration (whenever that may be).  I wonder how Bishop Mikovsky will react, as his direct service to St. Stanislaus Cathedral, the only parish he has served since the day he was ordained, will come to an end.

Lots of emotions and mini-events to look out for that day.  I look forward to it immensely, as it is amazing to see St. Stanislaus packed to the gills for the celebration of Mass.  Stay tuned, PNCC’ers, things are gonna get good the next few weeks.


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  1. Old include me on parish and diocesan news

    Comment by michael mietlicki — November 1, 2010 @ 7:40 pm

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