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October 7, 2010

Synod, Take 4!

Since all the “good stuff” has already happened, we’re sort of left with the stuff that doesn’t really “matter” to the general public, or even the general PNCC.  Important since the last update was the election of Supreme Council members (pic just a joke, I think its hilarious), as well as discussion on Constitutional amendments.  Also, Roy Halladay pitched the first playoff no hitter since Don Larsen!

Like any and every synod, I’ve heard stories of struggles, animosity, and ill will.  Such is life when any amount of human beings basically live with each other over a number of days.  As much as it may pain some people to say, or as difficult it may be to believe…this is Christ’s Church first.  Whatever happens at these proceedings should reflect His teachings, His ministry, His great example

It is our number one job to remain steadfast in prayer that those who leave the synod leave not only tired and spent, but tired and spent knowing that they did the work of Jesus Christ.  Let us pray:

Lord God of all Creation, Source of love that burns within us; Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, Light of our lives; Spirit of Fire, Source of wisdom and understanding; Walk with us and be our guide as we journey through the work of this Synod. Inspire us to appreciate the richness of your gifts in our people. Bless us with cooperative spirits and understanding hearts. Enlighten our minds and grant us clarity of thought. Enkindle in us a unity of purpose. Energize us to be seekers of your truth. May our efforts embrace, nurture, and empower all your people and bring new life to the mission of your Church. All glory to you, our God, through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I will continue to update with any news that I feel is worthy (ie; won’t get me in trouble) to post on this blog.  Don’t worry, there will be some more action!


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