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October 4, 2010

Synod, Take 1!

Although I went to college at University of Hartford for “Professional and Technical Writing,” I did quite a bit of coursework with Philosophy, Communications, English, and Journalism.  Enough so that I could have “triple minored” if there was such a thing…which there isn’t.  Double, yes.  My only goal was to not say anything that would get my in trouble with…well whoever might end up as the new Prime Bishop.  Laura Legere of the Scranton Times was nice enough to interview me for some insight on the 23rd General Synod of the PNCC as I tried to avoid upsetting the apple cart, burning a bridge, or using the word “awesome.”

Although I cannot say I am as quotable as an Abraham Lincoln or even a Joe Jonas, at least my wordsmith-ing wasn’t quite on this level.  You be the judge; click here to read the article published this morning in the Times.

Needless to say, it is a big day for the General Church, and as the Synod officially kicks off this afternoon, we look forward to the proceedings and any announcements coming out of Niagara Falls.  With a number of delegates leaving a bit after church yesterday, there was a sense of nervousness, anticipation, and excitement. While in this day and age of Twitter and networking it would simple to have some sort of feed out of Canada for this, the decision was made not to do this.  Of course, I fully expect the phone to ring off the hook over the next 24 hours or so as momentous decisions are made.


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