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August 22, 2010

The Week That Was

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Well, that week is over now.  Last week was the perfect example of life in the priesthood.  Sunday was Sunday – 3 Masses total.  Monday had a wake attatched to the evening, Tuesday was a funeral.  Tuesday afternoon, after just a few minute layover, I ventured up to the Poconos for our Central Diocesan Clergy Retreat.  (more…)

August 12, 2010

PNCC on the Internet

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Why does the PNCC have such a poor presence on the internet?  It isn’t like this internet thing is new.  And although for a denomination, the PNCC would be considered new (113 y/0 church =”new”), we’ve been around for the entire internet age.  I can remember thinking back in 2000 how awesome the PNCC website was, with its new-fangled message board and how neat it was for a parish to actually have its own website. (more…)

August 10, 2010

It has been awhile…

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Hello all – I wanted to drop a quick line on my blog (I have a blog?!) as I make another sorry attempt to have a functioning and interesting channel to my thoughts.  (more…)

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