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May 3, 2010

May Be

As the weeks burn on from Easter, and as April faded into May, I had quite a bit to reflect on over the last few weeks and especially looking towards May.  April 2010 was extremely frustrating for me personally, as I walked with a stupid limp for most of it due to my Easter Monday/Dyngus Day ankle debacle.  That meant no exercise for a guy who loves to exercise so I can do what I love even more – eat a lot. 

Alas, cutbacks were made and instead of exercising I think I played more video games this month than I have since I was last laid up with shoulder surgery.  That time I gained 35 pounds over one summer – never quite recovered since.  With that said…doing ok.  Looking forward to a much better month health-wise and psyche-wise.

Ahh, May.  The Month of Mary, May Devotions twice a week, only once in English.  Hour-long devotions in a brick church stoked by the fire of the glowing afternoon sun.  When I was a kid, I would hide in order to not go to May Devotions.  Some services do it for some people, some, not so much.  Granted, I am not a kid anymore, but May Devotions don’t connect with me the same way Stations of the Cross or Bitter Lamentations do.  Maybe it was ingrained when I was 10 and had to miss baseball practice for them.  Whatever the case, I do look forward to the first and last nights.  Outdoor procession is always neat – it is something I never had the chance to experience growing up so it still seems very new to me today.

May also brings with it one of the busiest schedules at Saint Stanislaus Cathedral.  Tearing through my memory, we have Confirmation, a three-day national PNCC Bowling Tournament that we are hosting, Eight nights of May Devotions, a Diocesan Convo Meeting in New Jersey, pierogi making and meetings looking towards our 2nd Sunday of July picnic, and, of course, the beginning of softball season.

On a personal note, I will also be enjoying the graduation from Wilkes University Pharmacy School of my fiancée, Natalie, as well as whatever-its-called when she gets her Doctorate the next day.  Her hooding?  It sounds so sinister…But she deserves every accolade.  Let it be known that her college GPA, at Pharmacy School no less, was more than a full point higher than mine at UofH!

And the day after she gets hooded, we are traveling to St. Joseph’s in Westfield, MA for the 90th Anniversary of the Parish.  Should be nice, as far as I know, my father’s predecessor as Pastor in Westfield will be in attendance, Prime Bishop Robert Nemkovich.  Also participating in the festivities will be the three living “Sons of Saint Joseph’s”, the three priest who grew up in the Parish who are now priests: Rev. Randy Calvo, Rev. Robert Nemkovich Jr., and myself. 

In the meantime we’ll conclude Easter Season with Ascension Day and Pentecost Sunday and St. Stanislaus will chug-a-lug into the summer months with a full table of things to do.  Keep us in your prayers, as we do.



  1. Good Afternoon Fr. Jason
    We are doing some good things down in Texas. Shortly you will recieve an email from the Dallas Parish on a Spirit filled Retreat for Our Lady of Fatima conducted by Fr. Alfred Garcia( Pastor), Fr.Gus (Pastor of St. Martin/St. Rose) to be placed in the Rola Boza. Many Blessings to you and your family.
    Talk to you soon

    Sub Deacon Marcus R. Tinjero

    Comment by Sub Deacon Marcus Tinajero — August 5, 2010 @ 5:52 pm

  2. Cool. Look forward to it – Glad to hear everything is goin well in Dallas. Tell Fr. Alfred I said hello.

    Comment by frj82 — August 10, 2010 @ 1:16 pm

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