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April 19, 2010

Off Hiatus

Yup, I think it is about that time.  I’ve been “On Hiatus” for a number of reasons.  My blog entries were becoming fewer and farther between, they weren’t as mildly entertaining as they had previously been, and finally most importantly, I encountered a sort of writer’s block.  So, without further “Apu”, here are four regular things and four sports things that have been on my mind for the last little while.

1 – The main inspiration to get me back to blogging was something I saw on Easter Sunday.  Being the assistant at Mass and having a number of other helpers, I was walking backwards with the thurible as we processed outside on a perfect early Resurrection morning.  It always takes one lap around on the uneven and dangerous bricks walking backwards to sort of get used to it.  The second lap around I thought I noticed in my 3rd floor kitchen window something moving, and sure enough, on the third lap I caught sight of my three cats jockeying for position while trying to watch Easter Procession.  Maybe they’re good Catholics, maybe they were just trying to see their papa, but whatever the case, sometimes God seems to speak through animals.

2 – If Butler hit that halfcourt shot at the end of the game against Duke, it would have been one of the top 3 shots in the history of basketball.  Yes, Mike Krzyzewski is Polish and everything, but he is annoying and Duke is worse.

3 – Yes, what a terrible tragedy for the people of Poland.  So many questions, so many issues, just sad all the way around.  Various media mediums came to the various PNCC parishes to get reaction and hear prayers from the priests and whatever maybe some Polish immigrants have to say.  To see some of the PNCC stuff in one place, check out Deacon Konicki’s blog.

4 – Opening day for baseball season this year was on Easter Sunday.  I’m not crazy about that for a number of reasons.  It obviously takes away from Easter Sunday – although at that point everyone’s busy digesting ham and whatever else and laying out on couches.  I think it personally stinks for the players to adjust – Sandy Koufax infamously sat out on Yom Kippur while the Dodgers were supposed to play a big game and he was the scheduled starter.  Shawn Greene did the same thing, playing for the same team.  Alas, I guess Christians don’t have those kind of guts.

5 – For the PNCC’rs out there – what a markedly different atmosphere as opposed to four years ago when discussing the synod and potential candidates for bishop.  Four years ago the rumors were flying, people were talking, and there was an air of uncertainty and tension even six months prior to the synod.  Fast-forward today and there is nothing.  Which, being in Scranton  and everything, is a pretty amazing thing.  But again, this is surely a consequence of electing and consecrating four bishops four years ago.

6 – I’ve ragged on him in the past but I never thought he would turn out to be as much of a scumbag as he did.  Shame on you, Ben Roethlisberger. 

7 – I’m in for a busy May weekend.  From the 21st-23rd, I’ll be attending the PNCC/YMSofR Bowling Tournament, attending my fiancée’s graduation one night and her “hooding” another night, assisting at the 9am Mass for the visiting bowlers and hitting the road and attending the 9th anniversary of St. Joseph’s of Westfield.  Big few days.

8 – I ravaged my ankle playing basketball two weeks ago today.  It went from being bent all the way around (only a sprain, phew) to blowing up like a latex glove to changing all sorts of colors to today – dull pain.  My point is people have been very sympathetic, which is nice, but it is humbling considering there are multiple people in my parish here that have gotten much more gruesome leg injuries in the last month or so.


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