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August 18, 2009

My Life = Parish Life

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I was told my blog updates should be more frequent and more personal – well, hopefully not too personal, I can’t imagine the public clamoring for the insights of yours truly, but not my will but thy (nameless person) will be done.  Here are 5 random/interesting occurrences over the last few weeks.

1 – My big news of the year!  On Thursday, August 13 at roughly 7pm, I got down on one knee in a soaked parking lot and asked Ms. Natalie Kazinetz to marry me.  After she picked her jaw up off the ground and asked a series of questions that included “Are you kidding me?” and “Are you serious?” she happily said yes.  We then enjoyed a lovely dinner.

2 – I made a stop at the 2009 National ANS Retreat in Waymart, PA.  Which happened to be Friday, August 14.  So for the few hours I was there, I was the object of many hugs and congratulations from some of the women I have crossed paths with over the years…and, of course, my mom, who might be the happiest person in this whole deal.

3 – I’ll tell you, facebook is a thing of beauty.  You want to feel like people care about your existence on earth?  See how many “happy birthday’s” you get on facebook.  Or, I guess, better yet, announce your engagement there.

4 – I am off in an hour or so to the Central Diocesan Clergy Retreat, located a few hundred yards away from Mount Airy Casino.  My favorite part is going to the Casino in between Mass and prayertime!  KIDDING!!!

5 – Attended the Convo meeting at Transfiguration Parish in Wallington, NJ.  It was a good one, very productive.  Thought we were off track for a bit there, but I think we’ll have a good one in September in Scranton and we’ll be ready to rock.

That is all.  If you look through my posts from last year, I was fairly consistent through the non-summer months.  I really do enjoy writing more substantial things than this sort of fluff, and I do enjoy publishing a sermon every once in a while.  I wish more people visited my blog…but I’m thinking they would frequent it more if I frequented it more.  Anyways, the hottest week of summer has decided to show up towards the end of August, so I look forward to a number of things going on.  In chronological order:

St. Stanislaus Flea Market, August 21-23, 9-5pm – Replete with flea market types of things and food

St.Stanislaus Block Party, August 28-29, 5-11pm – Tons of food, beer tent, big wheel, games, etc.

Branch #1 YMSofR Chicken BBQ, August 29, 12-4pm – Fresh BBQ chicken, fries, slaw, and more

Track and field Meet – September 5, marathon at 8am, Mass at 10am, events and food all day

YMSofR Golf Tournament – Sunday September 13

Polish Food Fest – by the Elementary School, Sunday September 20

Needless to say, the next month is busy.  Pray for me!



  1. Wow Father Jason. What good news. Congrats. Hope to see you at the flea market or block party.

    Comment by james krall — August 19, 2009 @ 11:27 am

  2. very nice blog. Welcome to the family

    Comment by Paul Kazinetz — August 21, 2009 @ 10:03 am

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