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July 7, 2009

July Tidings

As I continue to prepare my lecture for Kurs 2009 (sponsored by the Central YMSofR of the PNCC), I have to sit back and think about the last few days.  June turned into July, and with it came one of the top 5 holidays of the year (my Christian leanings aside, Thanksgiving is the obvious #1). 

On July 4, many (though embarrassingly few this year) gathered at Spojnia Farm in Waymart, PA for the 4th of July Mass and Picnic.  My first encounter with this event was with the aforementioned Kurs encampment in 2001, my first year there.  So many people, so much food, a polka band, etc.  It was quite an event, and pretty disheartening how much it has fallen off in 8 years or so.  It even had quite a drop-off from last year.  Most places run out of their ethnic food at picnics – unfortunately, there was enough left over after the picnic to feed 75 people at the Kurs…with leftovers.

I guess I would like those who read this blog to consider going to it next year.  I know people from the PNCC sometimes look at the Scranton area cryptically, but c’mon, it’s a picnic. 

The theme of this year’s Kurs is “Christmas in July,” which is on a 3 year rotating schedule because the counselors love it…which is fine.  I feel a little bad for the priests/bishops who have been presenting for those 3 years and have to speak on the same subject until I remembered that is like feeling bad for an NBA player for being forced to visit Toronto, Boston, and NYC over a week span.  Poor, poor people.  That is why we are all professionals, right?

I originally wanted to speak on something that had nothing to do with Christmas – the issues surrounding JFK’s presidency with him being a Roman Catholic.  But that seemed like it would turn out to be a little over the children’s heads, so we’ll be going with the legends, myths, and histories behind some of our favorite Christmas traditions and ideas.  For example: Santa Claus being a Bishop, Jesus’ birth not taking place anywhere near December, various Christmas ideas based on Pagan Holidays (phew!?).  Of course, I won’t try to ruin Christmas for the kids – if anything, I want them to remember something so they go home and stump their parents with some of their newly-acquired yuletide knowledge.  With that, I must go.


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