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June 19, 2009

Cathedral Craziness

Sometimes, I have to step back a take a 3-d look at what goes on around this church.  Growing up in a Parish of moderate size, I was used to certain things.  Come to a Cathedral, and expectations change a little bit.  Some good things have come out of it, though.  There are never days when nothing goes on.  Granted, I think I’d sacrifice a pinky toe to be able to sleep in once a week, but c’mon, you think Jesus slept in?  No way, he saved his sleeping time for boats in the middle of a storm.  This week has been nice and full, as every night from 6:30-8:30, we have held Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School (VBS for short) has been going on for a few years here and is wildly popular.  Although I spend a while preparing to make comments on what goes on every night, I personally am only 1/100th of the production.  A few very dedicated people go all-out and present/facilitate a 2 hour program for about 40 kids.  That is not easy, and what makes it all the more commendable is the fact that (of course) it is all volunteer work.  My only complaint is that I am a late supper eater, like 7:30ish, so I wait until about 9 to eat.  Peanuts of a complaint, especially when everyone is fed there.  But I, like anyone, likes to complain about good things.

That leads to this interesting weekend at St. Stanislaus.  I am sure a priest every once in a while has a few days like this, but this is good.  Also, I’m blessed to split the workload.  Between 6pm tonight and 1pm on Sunday afternoon, in order, this is what is going to be done: Wedding rehearsal, wake service, commentary at VBS, morning Mass, morning Mass, morning Mass, Funeral, Wedding, Sunday Mass, Sunday Mass, Sunday Mass, Sunday Mass, Baptism.  Then I have two softball games at 130, but that’s just fun stuff.  I think that is a nice, full, voluptuous schedule.  What’s your weekend look like? 

Anyways, if you stay on a soapbox too long, you slip off.  I want to congratulate the LA Lakers for managing to avoid KG and beating a junky basketball team from Orlando for an NBA Title.  Also, congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins for taking the Stanley Cup swimming.  BTW, how much less loathsome are the Penguins compared to the Steelers?  Like, 450%?  It is sort of like comparing the beauty of a Crosby goal to the big, fat, stupid, dirty, smelly, rotten, greasy “Ben” Roethlisberger.   And that’s just his  crusty goatee/beard.  Man, I can’t stand that guy.  Sickening. 

Back to nice things, as I was signing off on a couple of Mass Cards today for the funeral, I thought how interesting it is that there is a funeral, wedding, and baptism in a 24 hour span here.  It’s like the phases of life, in reverse order. 

And because I am devoting this post specifically to Saint Stanislaus, I wanted to point out that mixed in the hubbub on Saturday is the Elementary School’s Chicken BBQ.  I go to a half-dozen or so chicken bbqs every summer, and I honestly say that this one has the best chicken.  In other news, we are having a parish picnic on the 2nd Sunday of July as usual, and for the first time, we are throwing a block party at the end of August.  Pizza, clams, burgers & dogs, some Polish food, a big wheel and a beer tent are pretty much all the ingredients for a successful church picnic.  We’re doing it on the corner of the church property too, so it is going to be really tough to miss.

Finally, to update some going-ons with yours truly, I’ll be spending a day or so at the Acolyte Retreat of the Central Diocese next week, a few days at the Central YMSofR’s Kurs encampment, and then it’s the middle of July.  Also, Red Sox look great, my softball team hasn’t had a game in almost 2 weeks due to the ridiculously awful weather (and a field that doesn’t drain well), Frankie & Batman celebrated their 1st birthday on the 16th by splitting a can of Miller Lite (or a can of tuna, whatever), I missed out on Red Sox-Phillies tickets, I celebrated 3 Corpus Christi Sunday Masses and procession alone (Bp=out of town), preached at the Corpus Christi Seniorate Service, and saw a blimp.  Till next time, “I’m normally not a praying man, but if you are up there, please save me Superman!” Homer Simpson  (A joke, of course)


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