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June 5, 2009

June=Cold Rain

Greetings again all.  As the Polish National Catholic Church continues to celebrate the Octave of Pentecost (yup, the coming of the Holy Spirit isn’t a one-and-done event here), we get prepared to shrug our shoulders, take a deep breath, and brace ourselves for what Sunday morning has to bring.

Yup.  Not cool at all.  For as many people as October and November brings to church, June through August has the opposite effect.  Not at our Cathedral quite yet…June 7th is 1st Holy Communion after all…but all bets are off for June 14…and 21…and so on.  It stinks, there is not a terribly lot to do about it besides preach that vacationing in summer is demonic or something.  With all that said, summer still rocks.  It is June 5th and I am still waiting for a nice post Memorial Day day…like sunny and at least 75.  This is a joke this year.  No wonder my girlfriend keeps on asking me about the post-marriage prospects of going to a parish in Florida or California or Arizona or Hawaii or…you get the picture.  Here are the 5 thoughts burning a hole in my brain today.

1 – Despite popular belief, I had a pretty good time at the Corning Museum of Glass yesterday.  I like museums, I like glass (who hates glass?), I don’t mind longish bus trips.  I went in not expecting too much but was entertained for most of the day.  For some reason, up until the night before, I thought this place was either in the middle of Philadelphia or New York City.  I was off by quite a bit.

2 – Despite popular belief, I still kinda sorta think the New York Yankees stink.  In essence, they rot worse than an overstuffed litterbox, but I mean this year I think they are winning with smoke and mirrors.  They got the public to finance this 1.5 billion dollar grandiose ballpark, spent a month complaining about it, then found out that with their team (slow, hit-it-to-right-field hitters), it could actually work.  Meanwhile, they’re only plus defensive player is Mark Teixera, who I would love to make visit the David Ortiz memorial Yankee Stadium hole.  Now that I mention it, what kind of voodoo they do in NYC to make that man melt?

3 – Isn’t it terrible that David Carradine actually killed himself?  This guy was all about Zen and doing Yellow Pages ads – The total opposite of what you would expect, I guess.  Maybe it was from being the target of Uma Thurman (not in the good way) in Kill Bill.  I just think the conspiracy theories are a little interesting.  Rest in Zen-like peace.

4 – There is an article in today’s Scranton Times about how a woman rescued a kitten from her car.  Not only did it make the paper, not only did it get her and the kitten’s picture in the paper, it was on the front page!  Why did I use an exclamation point?!  Because that is exactly how my girlfriend’s family got their second cat, none other than Harry Houdini.  The cat was so stuck, it took hours to get out.  No papers or auto workers were called, it was all done in-house, and the family kept the kitten afterward and gave it a good home.  Let’s see a happier ending than that!

5 – Finally, congrats tonight to the graduates of St. Stanislaus Elementary School!  Two eighth grade graduates and six kindergarten graduates will be moving on to another grade.  With the boss (Bishop Anthony) out of town, I turn out to be Mr. Diploma giver.  Here is hoping against hope that I won’t screw up.


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