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May 27, 2009

Don’t Call it a Comeback!

Really…don’t call it one.  After a month away from blogging, I decided to triumphantly return…in a couple of days yet.  Between May Devotions every Wednesday and Friday, winding down Elementary School, 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation Classes, Red Sox season heating up, Celtics and Bruins being choked out, picnic and golf season opening, my 1st trip to Atlantic City, a trip home to Massachusetts, Saint Ubaldo weekend in Jessup, working out almost every day (honestly, 26 out of the last 30 days) while eating junk most of them, and general lethargy, I somehow completely forgot that I had a blog.  I must have read 200 blog posts from various sources too.  Oh well.

For my next trick, I’ll let everyone know how Fr. Jason and his softball team are doing, a few exciting developments at St. Stanislaus Cathedral, an explanation of our May Devotions, and updates on 1st Holy Communion 2009 and the graduation at our Elementary School.  Bishop Mikovsky will be away that day, so yours truly will be the head honcho in black.  I wonder if they hand out honorary diplomas? 

So in the meantime, know that if I didn’t disappear, I would have offered my thoughts at minimum, on these 5 things during May:

1 – Notre Dame got exactly what it wanted by asking President Obama (POTUSA, greatest acronym ever) to speak – TONS and tons of media coverage.  Well played, South Bend.

2 – I won’t speak of the local Roman Catholic Bishop’s ways and whatnot today (knowing that he is a major computer nerd, and I mean that in a commendable way), but c’mon people of Scranton.  The garbage that you send in to the editorial section of the Times make Catholics look dumb.

3 – Boston Celtics, you are officially my 2nd favorite sports team (sorry Patriots, I still love you though).  Watching the playoffs was painful knowing that if we had our best player, we might be up 3-1 heading towards the NBA finals again. 

4 – The economy can’t be so bad if the PNCC is buying the National Church Center, heading a relatively productive money drive, and not closing a single church over the last number of months.  Right?

5 – What does “Holy Day of Obligation” even mean anymore?  I know it is borderline blasphemy, but it might be time to look at things a bit more realistically.  I say this with the image of Ascension Day in my head.


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  1. I collect the histories of PNCC parishes, but do not have the very well done centennial history of St. Stanislaus Cathedral published in 1997. Are any copies available for purchase? I lived in Framingham MA for four years so I hear those NE sport voices too!

    Comment by John Schweich — May 31, 2009 @ 10:38 am

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