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April 29, 2009

Born a Travelin’ Man

I’ve hit the road a little bit over the last few days.  Every priest in his right mind needs to take a day off somewhere at some point after Easter and before the nights of May fill up with May Devotions to Mary.  So, due to some lucky scheduling and fortunate proximity, I pulled off a nice 28 hour trip to Atlantic City and Philadelphia last Thursday and Friday.  I had never been to Atlantic City before and only had been to Philadelphia a couple of times, thrice for Phillies games and another just passing through.  Atlantic City is kind of embarrassing in that everyone complains about how junky the economy is…and here is this half grand, half garbage collection of a city.  But I enjoyed the free stay at Taj Mahal (what, you think I would go if I had to pay?!) which included a shower the size of my entire bathroom.  I also was up more than I ever was at a casino before, which #1 – Isn’t that much, and #2 – unfortunately happened within the first 40 minutes of being there, which meant I had a lot more time to kill.  Which mean I was taught how to play craps.  Which means adios dinero…or goodbye money…or waste of money.

I guess the “main” reason for this day trip was to go to the Penn Relays on Friday in Philadelphia.  My brother was throwing in the Olympic Development division, and I did go with two track coaches.  Having done track in high school and college, I was pretty excited to see the largest track meet in the nation.  I have to admit – it was pretty nuts.  I saw the high school shot put national record holder throw.  He didn’t break his own record (I actually saw a high school shot put record broken at States in Massachusetts back in 2000), but he made winning by 8 feet look easy.  The kid was 16 years old, was probably 6-3, 240 and was obviously still growing. 

That Friday in Philly was the first really, really nice day that we had this spring too, so walking around was great.  That whole part of the end of the week was nice, though I was sick of driving by 9 o’clock that night.  I don’t know how anyone does cross-country trips and doesn’t go crazy.

My traveling was cut down over the weekend, as I only had to put about 20 miles on my car on Sunday morning.  I had to cover the PNCC parishes of St. Adalbert’s in Dickson City and Holy Trinity in Throop.  The Pastor of those parishes was ill and I was the long man out of the bullpen.  Normally, I don’t think twice about covering parishes; I’m usually on the short list of guys who cover those things.  What had me worried was the fact that St. Adalbert’s still celebrates Mass facing the main altar…away from the people.  Hey, the people love it so I would never think of saying anything negative about it.  It just was a little tense trying to remember what Mass was like when I was a little kid.  Although I didn’t do everything by the book (it is hard when you were never taught that book!), it was a success.  Mass was valid, no one got mad at me and everyone left with a little more Jesus than they had before.  That is the point of church, no?  Anyways, kind regards to the people of those respective Parishes who welcomed me with open arms as we kept their Pastor in our prayers.

In other news, the Supreme Council of the PNCC met this week.  Wonder what came out of that?


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  1. Buenas!
    Admito que hasta hoy no me molaba mucho estesitio, sin embargo actualmente
    estoy leyendolo mas veces y me ha empezado a gustar.

    Buen trabajo!

    Comment by Mar — June 17, 2013 @ 10:49 pm

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