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April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

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Easter Sunday 2009 is only 36 or so hours in the history books.  Nothing quite describes the feeling that someone has after experienced the joys and pains of Holy Week.  The ups and downs, chronologically: The happiness of Christ’s entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the mounting tension, the New Covenant in the Last Supper, his betrayal and arrest, mock trial, scourging, crucifixion, death, burial…and Resurrection.  If one were to attend all the services of Holy Week, quite the picture would be painted on the soul.  I mentioned it in my last post – so I will include it now.  My Easter Sermon that I preached on Sunday.  As usual don’t mind mistakes as I usually type things out simply as guidelines, also, don’t mind the lack of scriptural quotes…they’re there, somewhere.

This is the most important day of the church year.  This is the day we celebrate the moment of our redemption.  The women went to anoint Jesus, finding him to be gone.  Through their eyes, they had to be worried…someone just stole Jesus!  After that first moment, I believe that reality began to kick in.  Wait…didn’t he say that he would be here forever?  That on the third day he would rise again?  The raised awareness of the situation caused them bring to mind all of these things.  They had to run and get Peter and John together just so they could put things back together and figure out for sure what was going on.

So much happiness, so much confusion, so much anticipation in that moment of discovery.  It calls upon many emotions to this day.  We were put on an emotional roller-coaster during the last week.  We read the Passion on Palm Sunday and on Good Friday.  We heard about Jesus’ betrayal, passion, trial, journey with the cross, crucifixion, and death.  I have to admit I had a little catch in my voice as I read the Passion both on Palm Sunday and Good Friday.  We journey with Christ every week, hearing about the great things he does, and then we hear he is dead. There is something about hearing the story out loud and in full that is…different than reading it in your own bible or hearing it on TV.  Having the responses really brought it to life. 

I mentioned it on Good Friday and I mention it today.  We are in a great position in history.  We know that Christ is with us always.  We don’t have the sorrow his followers had when Jesus died.  We have great perspective. We knew that the celebration of His resurrection was right around the corner.  Today is the day we celebrate that.

How do we celebrate?  Personally, I wear my best vestments.  I try my best to clean myself up, look nice, be all studied-up and preach concisely.  I say many small prayers of thanksgiving throughout the day.  Later, I will go and eat about ten pounds of kielbasa.  I will pig out, but I will say Grace first.  I will pray to God before I eat my świeconka and thank him for giving his son to us and for granting him the strength to live and die for us…for the forgiveness of sins and everlasting life.  I’ll go to bed knowing that the Christian life I strived to live from last Easter to this one was fulfilling and meaningful.

What will you get from Easter 2009?  Honestly?  Is there a renewed sense of spirit?  True happiness in knowing that the main tenant of your faith, that a Jewish Carpenter who was also the son of God died on a cross for our sins, resurrected, and everyone who lives and believes in him will have eternal life?  Will you feel like Easter really crept up on you this year?  Will you think that you are sort of…missing something?  I can’t read minds, but I can tell you that you should have a heightened level of appreciation of what God did for us and what Jesus did for us.  God sent his only Son into our cruel world only to be killed.  Jesus lived a life knowing what would happened and never ran away from that destiny.

That is an aspect we can draw strength on this Easter.  We sometimes know going into a situation that it is not going to be pleasant.  We try to duck our way out, find someone to cover for us, put in a lackadaisical effort or simply dismiss it.  I’m thinking along the lines of work, of meeting a friend of a friend, dealing with heartbreak, dealing with sickness or other unpleasant situations.  Jesus performed some of the greatest miracles, spoke some of the most renowned words, taught the most worldwide known lessons…all while very aware of the fact that he would be put to death by those people who were eating his every word and action.

If that isn’t the greatest feat of strength of all time, I am not sure what is.  I look at our gospel today and see the strength the followers of Christ had.  Going back into the warzone, so to say.  The strength of st. John, the one of Jesus loved, was not enough.  He couldn’t bear to look into that tomb.  Scripture says he got there first, but wouldn’t go in until Peter did.  In the 1st reading from Acts, Peter gave a synopsis of everything Jesus – his past, his work, his death, resurrection, and again, that main tenant of our faith.

We celebrate because we truly believe.  The faith we have in the scriptures and 2000 years of Christian history back up what we believe.  The strength of the church, lasting even to present day back up what we believe.  My brothers and sisters, rejoice and celebrate.  Pray hard, play hard, sing your hearts out. Enjoy the fact, that this day, this celebration, is a religious one.  Let all of you and your families be truly blessed by the Resurrected Christ today.  Christ the lord is risen today. Alleluia, amen.

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