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April 10, 2009

Holy Week Musings

In between Good Friday and Holy Saturday…I figured I would write a bit with an update on Holy Week 2009 as I am trying to get tired so I can have a good night’s sleep before the longest day of the year tomorrow. I also am researching and working on my Easter Sermon, so I am not wasting my time. Unfortunately, the Red Sox are in Anaheim for the first game since the Angels rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart was killed by a drunk driver whose license was revoked for…you guessed it…drunk driving. This guy killed 3 people because he got drunk and drove in the middle of Holy Week. May those passed on rest in peace, and may this criminal get punished to the full extent of the law.

 Holy Week is going fine…no news is great news when it comes to times like these. The ceremonies began on Palm Sunday without a mess of dropped palms or bad liturgy. Everything was done by the book and very spiritually inspiring. The scourging of the cross is something that needs to be experienced.

Holy Tuesday was a full day with the Central Diocesan Clergy Conference and the Mass of Holy Oils. It was good to see many of my brothers in the priesthood as it always is. I’m also glad they aren’t as “cliquey” as they could be. I have yet to have a problem with any of my brothers…although I am sure it will happen at some point. Everyone has different ideas and philosophies on relatively the same subject matter. That is what makes a political debate fun. The only unfortunate thing about Holy Tuesday is the disinterest in the Mass of Chrism. Not many people attend, but it is one of the most unique Masses of the year, concelebrated by all of the priests of the diocese. Oh well, maybe we can get it on Youtube one day.

Holy Thursday, the Institution of the Holy Eucharist, is my favorite Mass of the year. Concelebrated, the procession to the altar of Repose, the stripping of the altars. A very meaningful night. Good Friday is like no other day. Church services that are unique to this day only. I can’t imagine any priest or bishop is as comfortable doing these services as a litany or a Mass. Time is short. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy Easter. Be thankful for the gift of Christ, the sacrifice on the Cross. Enjoy the pomp and happiness of Easter Sunday. Don’t miss church!

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  1. Hello Father Jason! Here in the Philippines Holy Week is one of the most important holidays. So important that starting Wednesday and all the way to Easter, there is no work. People either go on vacation or devote the time to God. Many try to do both.

    The malls are still open though except for Good Friday.
    On Good Friday everything (except churches, police stations and hospitals) totally shuts down. My daughter hates it but… I’m a bit old fashioned and enjoy the slow pace.

    Anyway, there’s a Stations of the Cross I want to share with you. Pictures are on my blog. A bunch of young Christians set it up (it’s an installation art exhibit) in the middle of a garden next to one of the popular malls in Manila. HOpe you can pop in and check out how young new school Christians celebrate the Passion of Christ…

    Hope your Easter Sermon rocks!!!

    Comment by adventuresofabeautyqueen — April 11, 2009 @ 1:46 am

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