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March 9, 2009

I’m Still Alive

Nothing like quoting Pearl Jam in my triumphant return to the blogosphere.  Useless Fr. Jason trivia: Pearl Jam is one of a few bands that I need to see.  I haven’t been to a concert in a number of years and the option for me always seems to be some country band.  I’d rather convert to Raelism, which was founded by a race car driver not quite good enough to be a professional. 

Anyways, I have been struggling with time-management the last few weeks, with Lent kicking in and extra services taking place, programs, and whatever.  Also, I bought MLB09- The Show (featuring a little man I have a rather large man-crush on) and that has been sucking up my time as well.  That, and the significant other on Spring Break last week, my cats growing to the size of toddlers…strange…and now having to deal with losing an hour of sleep.  It only is one night, but it seems like many.  And God knows I don’t sleep enough at night.

Without having anything profound to say, I wanted to get something on my blog so people still come and read it every once in a while.  To sum up the interesting portion of my life:

Sports – Red Sox pitching looks awesome, offense should be ok.  ARod getting hurt is such a karma-induced, ironic, poetic-justice(y) event that everyone seems to be thrilled about it.  Almost half the Celtics main rotation is hurt at this moment, so that isn’t good.  The Patriots only got a junky draft pick for Matt Cassel, and that wasn’t good either.  The World Baseball Classic is going on, so that makes March a bit more interesting.  UConn keeps on getting to #1 and losing to Pittsburgh, so that isn’t good.  I have to admit I am beginning to loathe the city of Pittsburgh.  They keep on beating my teams and it seems to be the only city more gray than Scranton.

Media- MLB the Show 09 is great, the Office, Earl, 30 Rock, Simpsons, Family Guy, and reruns of Saved By the Bell all seem to be going well.  Don’t let that list fool you; it is Simpsons #1 and all other shows distant followers.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any good movies lately. But I am addicted to the Sports Guy Podcast.  It is embarrassing to smile like an idiot listening to it when I am at the gym- people look at you funny.

People- My youngest brother turned 18 yesterday, which is pretty scary.  I remember 18 a little too well for him to be that old.  Speaking of being 18, is there anything more strange for someone my age than looking through Facebook?  History shows I wasn’t Mr. Popular in high school, even though my picture was featured as class partier in the yearbook.  The height of my high school popularity was getting a lackluster round of applause when i got a trophy or plaque or something for winning javelin in Western Mass.  Anyways, I look through some of the people and think, well, I was afraid to talk to her, or he never passed me the ball at gym or whatever.  You warp back to that high school mindset for a moment…it is pretty funny.  In the whole scheme, although it would be nice to be “friends” with everyone from high school (just to see who has kids or who looks…um…different, I’m not going to curse out my laptop when some stooge doesn’t want to be my internet friend.  So far, no rejections.  Maybe if they knew I was a priest now, they would feel guilty…or be terrified heh.  There has to be some girl that was crushing on me 10 years ago that would be mortified to know I am a priest.  There just has to…right?

Job- I say it is a job but that is not entirely true.  It works better for the sake of categorizing.  My Lent Schedule goes Mass on Sunday 7-12, Lamentations at 4, Tuesday is meeting night, Wed. is Stations night #1, Friday is Stations at noon and 7.  That is extra to the normal schedule.  Now people are dying all over the place, like it always happens.  Go a month without a funeral, get 3 in 8 days or whatever.  Not complaining about anything though.  It is way better to be busy than bored and fat.


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