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February 6, 2009

Five for a Friday

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In lieu of a “real” blog today, or any other day this week, I’m throwing together a few things that are spinning around my priestly mind.  Wrap your mind around these 5 nuggets of joy.

1 – Today is Truck Day!  Truck Day is the true meaning/beginning of Spring.  None of these groundhogs have anything on Truck Day.  I sat and ate my lunch today daydreaming of all things Red Sox…like the fact that they’ll have the money to make any trade they want this summer, as well as sign whoever they want for a few years.  Well…as long as the New Hades Yankees (sorry, this doesn’t fix the fact that Satan is a Yankees fan) don’t gobble him up first.  But it makes me think about how in a few short weeks, baseball will be back, the sun will be out after 5 o’clock, I won’t have to make the 15 foot walk to church every morning worrying if the Hodur bricks are iced over, my new(ish) car won’t look like I drove it through the Dead Sea, and, most importantly, Championship Runs by the C’s and B’s (Celtics & Bruins, of course).

2– For the second time in just a matter of a few years, the NFL referees changed their jerseys from black and white stripes to that “terrible” black and gold stripe set they take out every month or so.  What a joke.  I hate the Steelers and the fact that “Ben” or “Seven” or whatever pet word the announcers give him  has two rings.  It’s also pretty lame to call themselves “Sixburgh” or whatever.  You’ll get yours soon enough, Steelers.  Keep on tackling the other team to ensure a team with Mrs. Troy Polamalu and her awful hair (and commercial) will continue to get beat down our throats.

3 – Saw the movie “Taken.”  It was a good time and definitely made me believe that when I am sixty or whatever, I’ll still be able to take over the country of France all by myself because…well…I’m not going to make fun of French people, but who couldn’t take over that country when everyone is walking around like this?

4 – Noticed that after my blog entry about the Pope letting the “Holocaust Bishops” back into the fold, people have properly flipped out.  No no no, not because a guy in Scranton said something.  It is because it is absurd!  Really?  How?  I heard about people who said they didn’t believe the holocaust happened but I didn’t think it was anyone with any brains.  But Bishops?  Whew.  Sometimes it is nice to belong to a smaller church where there isn’t enough of an overlying arc for this to ever happen. 

5 – Yup, there is a big hole in the ground right by the church/rectory.  About 200 feet down the road from me, a big…subsidence?…opened up on Monday morning.  Story goes that the garbage truck picked up the trash, drove away and heard a big loud noise.  The hole opens up, they look and poke around it and voila!  It’s the size of a kitchen table (well, probably bigger now) but 25 feet deep.  Gotta love Scranton.


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