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January 26, 2009

Progression, Meet Regression

What is this world coming to?  I always begin to feel my age whenever I am around the kids of my parish.  For every time I surprise them with something I know that’s relatively current, there is two things that make me feel like an idiot.  Or maybe I’m exaggerating; I don’t know.  Whenever you feel old, it makes you feel…old.  It’s sort of like a relationship.  No matter how many good things you do, it is that one bad thing that really sticks out. 


So I try to stay in touch, and I think I do ok.  Having two younger brothers helps, as does seeing the kids of our Elementary School on almost a daily basis, and then, of course, anything Youth Group related.  Of course, still loving video games, cartoons, absolutely crushing over movies now (how good was Benjamin Button and Slumdog Millionaire?), and having a Facebook help keep things in touch a bit. 


Yup, I’m going with the Facebook slant now.  Just the other day, Pope Benedict XVI announced that he was opening an official Vatican Youtube Channel.  Wow, we think, how cool is that?  Man, the pope must be with it, he must spend time on the computer, he really knows what is going on with his people.  We think, yeah, he must be connecting to us!  We like Youtube!  Then, as we read the article, we see that the message might not be all it’s cracked up to be.  He spends a bit of time telling us that social networking (Facebook, Myspace, etc.) is great…but not so great.  That they can be time traps and the concept of social networking (making friends, developing existing friendships) might be prevented because you would spend time at the computer and not with the person.  And we could all buy that too, because deep down, no matter how much we love our Facebook, we know it’s true.  It’s just that computer screen can give confidence, talk to someone because you know you won’t have to see their face. 


So now, we’re thinking that maybe this pope, well maybe he really does know the score.  Even though I’m 150% sure that he has some loser priest lackey (not unlike myself) explaining to him exactly what he has to do, say, and act to make it look like he knows (c’mon, how many 70 year-old people know a Facebook from an webpage from a blog from a Youtube?  One or none?) what he is talking about, he does a good job connecting with his people.  Words to describe this papal act include progressive, revolutionary, bold.  Good words, makes me think of what they said when Clear Pepsi or whatever it was called came out.


Either way, nice move by the Vatican.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  I hope our leaders of the PNCC decide that this might be a good move in the not-so-distant future.  But while the pope was sending out these good vibes of progression and being “with it”, well, he was working out something else on the side that is borderline…I’ll let you choose the word after you read this. (Don’t worry, it isn’t very long).


Letting a bishop back in the church after denying the worst of the atrocities of the Holocaust?  Ugh.  It is so disappointing for stuff like this to still be going on.  I hope the pope realizes this error of judgment and fixes…oh wait, he can’t change his mind because everything he does is inspired by the will of God!  Papal infallibility, yes!  I genuinely hope that there is something that I am missing here that makes this less…upsetting…but until then…


I would never preach that from the pulpit; that simply is not the place.  I simply have an opinion, maybe you share it, maybe you don’t.  My heart goes out to the families who have ties to the Holocaust.  Things like this shouldn’t happen.  My heart goes out to the many Roman Catholics who may be very offended by this…this act of the pope or even my pointing it out.  In yesterday’s epistle taken from the 1st Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians (1Cor 7:29-31), he says “For the world in its present form is passing away.”  If you don’t think our world is desperately in need of prayer, then I guess you are not “with it” either.


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