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January 20, 2009

One Hot Meal…and More

It would have been easy.  I could have succumbed to the political vacuum that is Inauguration Day 2009.  I could have wrote about how President Obama is going to change the world, clean up Washington, dunk on some fools (click next for a pretty funny picture/comment), and pretend to like George W. Bush (genuine?   I can’t even tell anymore), all while screwing up the handful of words that made this day important. 

Nope.  Today was a happy day, the good stuff is done with, so I’m turning back the clock to last Sunday the 11th of January.  I suppose I didn’t write about this earlier, or on Sunday, because I was recovering from bat-induced rabies, but it was the big part of the day.  A group of trusty volunteers (and myself) worked together to serve a delicious meatloaf dinner to anyone in need at our Parish Youth Center.  I include myself, but I really had nothing to do with any of the food other than eating it.  I spent my time talking to the few buddies I have made over the last year or so ever since we started these meals.  Although you can’t see the picture that was included, here is the article that appeared on the second page of the Scranton Times-Tribune on Monday, January 12th. 

I especially like how now that I am a priest, my name is prefaced not only with a title (Rev.) but a “the” which I guess in this case is a demonstrative adjective.  Of course that is only when it is in print.  Otherwise, ’round these parts of Lackawanna County, I’ve come to be known as “Fader”, not “Father”, not “Fatter” but Fader.  The beautiful intricacies of the Scrantonized version of the English Language.  It all started when I got teary-eyed because I was at a sandwich shop and didn’t want a hoagie, because I had no idea what a hoagie was.  I went back to my uncle’s with nothing.  I didn’t even think to ask for a sandwich by their real name – grinders. 

Before the tangents get too tangential, keep the kids of the Central Diocese in your prayers as they head to West Paterson, NJ for their Convo 2010 Meeting this Saturday the 24th.  Ironically, that happens to be the anniversary that I was ordained a priest.  Yup, two years ago Saturday I was ordained on a dark, cloudy, and cold day in Scranton.  Which could be any day between October and March.  Look out for my 2 year personal job review sometime next week.  We’ll see if I am doing an ok job or if I should pack it in and go back to my former career.  Which was…


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