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December 31, 2008

Caroling, Caroling, Caroling

Christmas Caroling is quite the tradition at St. Stanislaus Cathedral.  For four nights out of the first five nights after Christmas Day, the parish United Youth Association (UYA) goes to as many houses as they can around Scranton.  They usually visit somewhere between 15 and 25, depending on whether the parishioners want the kids to come inside or to show them a train set or the tree or whatever.  Thanks to hard work in preparation and a great turnout of children, adults, and drivers alike, the UYA set their personal record in donations collected.  They will use the money to attend Convo 2010, as well as other functions and activities they may do before then.  I have to admit that it was pretty cool when we were rolling two minivans and a car strong with an average of 17 or 18 people a night singing.


I’m not really too funny of a guy…I guess that is the whole priesthood thing.  I’m a fool for the sake of Christ, not a fool, for Christ’s sake.  Get it?  Eh.  But while caroling, I have to share a quick story.  We were visiting an old vet who is wonderful at making models.  He was pointing out this one, that one, one of the Titanic.  The kids were looking at some of them when he said, “Well, I’ve made quite a bit of models in my lifetime.”  So I answered “Yup, and I’ve dated a lot of models in my lifetime.”  And you could file that one under “I guess you had to be there.”


Also, it’s New Year’s Eve.  There is an interesting-ish story about how 2008 will last an extra second this year.  I wish there was a way to know how many people actually watched the second-counter on their atomic clocks, computer screens, or cell phones looking for that extra second.  If you take the battery out and put it back in real quick, it’ll do the same thing.


I heard this story when I was a young(er) priest, and thought it was nice enough that I mentioned it while preaching.  Thanks man, now I feel like an idiot.  Well, I guess this guy is the one who is the idiot for living a lie that long.  I can almost get where he is coming from when he says he just wanted to spread a story of love.  Almost.  Other than that, what a dirtbag move.  At least he came clean before cashing in.  I have a lot of respect for that…and surviving the concentration camp of course…I just hope Oprah is as forgiving as me. 


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