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December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas of Course

Merry Christmas to all!  I’m not so sure that too many priests with blogs were actually blogging over the last few days.  If they were, they either have an assistant, a secretary, or aren’t busy enough.  There, I said it. 

Christmas has come, the Day has gone by, but I’m still excited.  I know a junky movie named 4 Christmases came out a few weeks ago, but I get two this year.  Most of the family is coming in over the weekend and rumors have it that Santa will be making some final rounds. 


One point that I have to brag about is my increase in shopping aptitude for the Christmas season.  I have been with my girlfriend Natalie for six years now, give or take, and this year was easily my best year, getting her a longed-for ipod, other gifts, and of course, the one gift that cannot be complained about, returned without feeling guilty, have anything bad said about it, or even be questioned…a bible.  A pretty nice one too…not that she would be able to tell me it was “not” nice or anything.  Anyone out there is free to use that gift idea next year.  And we wonder why it is easily the most-sold book in human creation – because no one has the guts to say they don’t  want one.  And of course, the fear-of-God thing.


I’m not going to go all Ricky Bobby on you, but it is a nice time to be a Christian.  This Holiday is for you.  Don’t let the song fool you either, we, the church, celebrate Christmas as an octave, an 8-day feast.  So revel in Baby Jesus, a little baby that people came from miles away to see in a manger.  We’re still drawn today when our good friends and family have a baby.  Who can forget the Seinfeld episode where Jerry just had to see the baby? 


People don’t change too much over 2000 years.  Only thing is that when you are the son of God and your mother is a teenager and father a poor carpenter, and you are born among animals in a cave in the wall, well, then its strangers that come to see you.  Shepherds and wise men.  Want to think of it contemporarily?  Shepherds were the poor, limited-skill workers of the time.  The lowliest of low…and God chose them first.  That would be like if God first chose today…teenagers who work at McDonald’s.  They might grow up to run the country, but at this moment, they have a long road.  And who cares less about things than a teenager?  So yeah, if you’re a Christian, you have to be pretty happy with God right now.  He reminds us that he makes the playing field, and that however uneven it seems, in the end, He’s the Boss.


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