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November 25, 2008

Where Am I?

I got a complaint a little bit ago that I don’t update my blog enough.  I guess that means a few people read it then…and my blog stats confirm that.  I haven’t updated recently because I was getting ready to go on “vacation.” Thats right, adios Scranton. I got to go home for Thanksgiving and will be here in Westfield, MA until Saturday.  I say its vacation without the ‘” because I don’t have to hear the phone ring 25X a day or wear black (in fact, it is noon on Tuesday and I am still in my pajamas- now that is how you do vacation).  I say that its “vacation” because I still have to get the bulletin ready, get the Mass program ready, and thanks to creative marketing by my father (and special thanks to Bishop Gnat and Bishop Mikovsky for permission) I get the privilege (or order) to have Thanksgiving Mass and preach.  So no rest for the weary.  Except for the whole pajamas-at-noon thing. 

Anyways, it is utterly relaxing to be home under the stucco shadow of St. Joseph’s NCC.  I even got to meet Sniffy, who would be the new family dog.  She let me have the honor of sleeping with her last night.  Lucky.  I mention that because that dirtbag Michael Vick is on the verge of freedom.  As fans, are we supposed to have compassion on a guy who screwed up a $130 million dollar contract and got his ya ya’s from watching dogs fight?  I remember when all of that hit the fan, and it wasn’t just dog fighting, it was slaughtering and execution.  I used to love this guy, he won many Super Bowl’s for me in Madden ’03, ’04, and NFL 2K5.  Now, he will be booed no matter what he does…I think.  Sports fans have a notoriously short memory.  This is why people love Ray Lewis even though he got caught up in a murder rap.  But that was almost a decade ago, so it must not count.

Because it is Thanksgiving coming up, I can’t help but notice that the news has been very slow.  It is almost like something big is going to happend somewhere around the world.  Proof of this is how we are being over-Obama’d.  Really?  He picked that person as secretary of this?  He missed church?   What a crappy excuse for missing church – that he didn’t want to disturb other parishioners.  Really?  You didn’t care when you were Senator Obama, or Presidential Candidate Obama, but now you’re a distraction?  Eh. 

So while everyone gets ready for their Thanksgiving traditions, I get ready for mine too.  Last year, I gained 8 pounds on Thanksgiving break…about 2 per day.  An extra day this year means the goal is 10 pounds.  Wish me luck.  To everyone, if I don’t have another blog entry, Happy Thanksgiving, peace and blessings to all of you…And in response to what seems to be a popular subject, Convo 2010 will indeed rock.

ps.  If your church didn’t jump on the Operation Christmas Child ship this year, make sure you do it next year.  The way St. Stanislaus reacted to this was very heartwarming, and it shows how great people can be during the holidays.


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