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November 19, 2008

5 Quick Thoughts

Congratulations to Deacon Adam Egan.  To see a hilarious picture of his floating head, click here.  He is getting ordained to the Holy Priesthood on Friday, November 21 at 10am at Saint Stanislaus Cathedral.  I’m not too ashamed to admit that I cried at my Ordination…although I’m not entirely to blame for that.

And today, the Red Sox offseason officially began.  The Red Sox traded Coco Crisp to the Kansas City Royals, aka the worst team since I was like 10, for a relatively effective reliever.  Wow.  File the whole Coco Crisp trade from Cleveland as a mistake.  What’s next?  Mark Teixeira?  AJ Burnett?  Derek Lowe?  Your guess is as good as mine.  But I think this guy is wrong.  He puts the rot in Massarotti.  I can’t see Boston hand Sout an 8 or 9 year 200 million dollar contract.

Last Sunday’s Gospel was great.  Somehow, everyone remembered it for the rest of the week.  That is definitely a good thing.  Who knew talents would translate like that?  We even had a Parish Committee member give an impromptu sermon about it at the PC Meeting.

Further proof that the pen…or whatever is mightier than…whatever, somehow this 3-week old or so blog is getting five times as many hits as the Parish website I made about a year ago.  I guess it shows what people look for on the internet.  Or maybe I am finally trying to justify my expensive writing degree.

I watch one of two shows during lunch every day.  Either King of the Hill or That 70’s Show, two shows that I was never crazy about when they first came on but now, that what makes lunch.  Anyways, on That 70’s Show, they are always “burning” each other.  Here is a nice Christian burn. 


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